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The KickForm Idea

How was KickForm Born? 

KickForm is a unique and never-before-seen platform that gives football fans the opportunity to scientifically predict individual football results, even without possessing mathematic skills.

The idea for KickForm developed - where else? - at a Stammtisch (in Germany, this where a group of friends meet regularly at a pub, usually at a reserved table). Jan was looking for a way to improve his ranking in the collective betting pool, and dreamed of a 'football formula' that would give him valuable tips to place better bets. This also piqued Jörg’s interest, who thought it would be exciting to develop an algorithm that would allow for scientifically sound predictions of football matches. In this way, the idea for an online platform was born: one that not could only offer a football formula to predict matches, but also where each user would be able to create their own formula which directly incorporated personal knowledge of goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, Home streaks and so on. 

Jan and Jörg then approached Physics Professor Andreas Heuer, author of the book „Der perfekte Tipp“ (“The Perfect Bet”) and established expert in the field of football predictions. He immediately liked the idea, and now lends his support to the founders as Academic Advisor. Professor Heuer was approached specifically because his predictive model for football matches has been proven to be especially accurate. In fact, compared to odds of bookmakers, it was found that Heuer’s predictions were better than those of the bookmakers.

KickForm was eventually sold in 2020. The two founders are now looking forward to many new ideas,