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Free Football Predictions For Today - Kickform Soccer Predictions

Predictions and betting tips for football matches, with data-driven forecasts, betting tips and odds comparisons. Up your betting game with the KickForm Football Formula and use one of our recommended bookmakers to place your bets!

About the KickForm Football Formula

KickForm  is a mathematical algorithm which predicts the outcome of football matches. Our goal is to calculate the most precise football predictions worldwide on the basis of relevant key figures. For that purpose, we developed a special and unique procedure - the  KickForm Football Formula.

Data-Driven Football Predictions

In his book  "The Perfect Bet"  Prof. Heuer from Münster University (Germany) outlined certain parameters that display a high correlation between the prediction of football games and the actual results. The deciding factor here is the performance level of a team that is composed of various key figures, eg goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, match day or home game advantage. Prof. Heuer was able to prove that predictions according to his model were better when compared to odds and predictions made by bookmakers.

Our Mission: To Provide the Best Football Predictions in the World!

It is our goal to deliver the most accurate football predictions across the globe - and we continue to work on it every day.

How Does KickForm Work?

The first part of the Kickform football betting tips process is to take every piece of statistical information that is available. You will often hear people talk about how important it is to study the form sheet for horse racing for instance, this is like that but magnified through algorithms and science for the purpose of football tips.

All the important things that could indicate a football result, such as the home advantage, performance levels, expected goal differences, injury concerns, head-to-head history, the impact of league positions, shot conversion rates and free kicks, to give just a few examples, all get absorbed by the algorithm. Kickform then uses all of this data to scientifically equate the most accurate football betting tips we can based on every piece of information.

When it comes to soccer predictions, what kickform does is not different from much of the advice we give on this website. It is about taking all of the different variables of a game and using them to come up with a prediction of events based on all of the factors. The difference is, and the reason we think that Kickform provides the best football tips for today is that they can process more of this information and analyze it to a level beyond what most of us could ever hope to on our own. It is the ultimate tipster, not replacing your football betting tips today, but rather enhancing them.

Once all this analysis is done by Kickform, all of today's football tips and predictions are available for you to view on this page and to fit into your soccer predictions strategy as you see fit.

What is available on Kickform?

In terms of the actual soccer predictions you can find on Kickform, betting tips football can be found on the likes of the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and the Champions League.

More comprehensive than any football tipsters, this includes not only football bet tips but also specific match information, team information, end of season football results predicts, and also odds comparison. In other words, there's a great deal of variety and depth found in the Kickform football betting tips today, that go far beyond just who the algorithm says is most likely to win.

This, alongside terrific general advice about different strategies, bookmakers, odds and types of bet all come together to make what we think is the best football prediction site free tool available.

On top of all of that, there's also plenty of more detailed information about how the football formula works, with specific examples, should you be even more curious as to what goes into these soccer tips.

And of course, connected to Kickform, is all of the wonderful articles that makes The Punters Page not just the best football prediction site in our humble opinion, but also the finest place to learn about different sports and strategies. And of course, to help you find the best operators so you can utilize all of those tasty football bet tips to their greatest advantage.

How Should I Use Kickform?

You have seen us talk about other strategic advice already on this page so we know that many people will not view Kickform as the be-all and end-all of their match predictions.

And really, we don't want to tell anyone how to use Kickform. The point of kickform and its soccer predictions is that they are a tool to be used as and when you see fit. We think that they provide some of the finest football betting predictions anywhere on the net.

 However, there is certainly no guarantee that any bet will be successful. Even if they do come from the most advanced algorithms science and maths can provide us, at the end of the day we are dealing with games of chance.

Kickform is no psychic, but it is a tool which provides probabilities based on all the information possible. Whilst nothing cna ever guarantee a 100% win rate, Kickform's predictions, stats, and other data-driven tools will get you as close as possible!



What is KickForm?

Kickform is a tool that uses algorithms to create football betting tips, using a seven-step system based on all the statistical information that is available. Kickform is part of The Punters Page, meaning alongside predictions you can find the likes of the latest bet365 promotion, or the finest betting apps. So it's part of a family of pages aimed to enhance your betting experience.

Can KickForm Help Me With A Variety Of Markets?

It certainly can, the information provided by Kickform doesn't just help predict who will win a match, but also provides predictions for things like over / under markets, and both teams to score markets.

What Leagues Are Covered On Kickform?

 The Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A are all included on Kickform.

Can You Help Me Find The Best Odds Too?

Football doesn't usually come with a best odds guaranteed promotion, that's why you can find odds comparisons as part of Kickform.

Are These Predictions Guaranteed To Win?

 At the Punters Page, we provide advice on lots of different things, including where to find the best operators . One thing we will never claim, on Kickform or anywhere else, is that we can guarantee winning bets through this tool or any other piece of advice or strategy we provide.